Delivering Maximum PUBLISHER REVENUE
Delivering Maximum PUBLISHER REVENUE

Mobile Web Monetization

Your site has high unique traffic every month. Countless followers come to your hub daily and they all look to your mobile site as the information leader in your category. It makes sense that you want to extend your revenue streams and open up your WAP site to include mobile advertising. Monetize you mobile web traffic with us.

Let the team of mobile experts at Affinity do the heavy lifting in monetizing your mobile website . We can help optimize your revenue by adding new premium ad slots without changing the layout or monetization.




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Media Innovation
Added Monetization
A new space for non intrusive, high conversion, effective monetization. Which does not detract or replace any other forms of money making you currently have on your site.
Global Reach
Focused Engagement
A single high-converting focused action for your mobile site visits. One action that you value above all, to engage the users visiting your mobile site.
Premium Inventory
New Premium Ad Slots
Our mobile unit adds a new premium ad slot to your mobile website without affecting the existing layout, content or monetization.