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Business Units
A brand marketing platform that delivers high-impact user engagements on mobile.
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A performance marketing platform that powers user engagement through native ad formats across multiple touchpoints on mobile OEMs.
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A performance marketing platform that autocorrects browsing errors, thereby preventing loss of business to competitors and wastage of offline media budgets.
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Innovative and Pragmatic technology that allows online publishers yield incremental revenue.
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An ad operations assistant that grows revenue for content publishers by solving complex operational challenges.
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An AI-powered SaaS platform focused on increasing revenue and simplifying day-to-day operational challenges for affiliate publishers.
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An AI-driven platform that specializes in driving higher engagement for content publishers through interactive polls, surveys and other contextually relevant tools.
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Meet the architects
Lavin Punjabi
MD & CEO, Affinity
Nikunj Soni
CEO - Yield Solutions
Bharat Sharma
COO - VEVE, Siteplug & mCanvas
Vijay Mehta
CTO - VEVE & Siteplug
Rishi Sharma
SVP - VEVE & mCanvas
Monica Ajwani
SVP finance
Lucas Roh
Hanjoo Lee
Vice Chairman
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