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Storytelling Platform on Mobile for Brands

M-Canvas is a unique culmination of user insights, creative, technology, ad serving and media. It is built to evoke positive emotional connections like TV - but only better by making it voluntary, snackable, engaging and sexier. Just what the digital native would love to engage with.

Our Short Story

We make everything snackable.
  • Conceived


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    in just
    12 months

Yes, that's young and fast. And we are just getting started.

Why Use M-Canvas?

69% chance you are reading this on a mobile.
Mobile is outrunning TV for users attention.

And millions of users access content outside of the walled gardens of the Big Boys. There is a 96%
chance you are not accessing this page through one of them.

Reach Consumers. Engage Consumers. Thrill Consumers. On Mobile.

Isn't Mobile Marketing Plagued With Problems?

Stating facts not to impart knowledge but to let you know that we know. And that's how we fixed them.
Top 4 Problems of Mobile Ads

What Do Brand Stories Look Like?

Our 60 second video showcases 4 examples.

Two Part Ad


A small ad unit with a thought provoking lead-in which appears during a consumer's content consumption journey.


This is where storytelling comes to life. Upon clicking on the Initiator the user is displayed a full screen interactive Brand Story.

Using phone features (such as Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Camera, Sound, Microphone, Calendar, Address Book, Calls) and stellar creative thinking, a Brand story is narrated.

Consumers talk to the Brand by playing Games, taking Selfies, speaking Taglines, tapping Stories, watching video Jukebox, giving Missed Calls, adding Calendar Reminders, saving Phone Numbers, downloading Apps, filling Forms and more.

Does It Deliver Results?

We'll let the numbers do the talking.
Consumers Don't Want Ads, They Want A Conversation.
Conversations Deliver Benchmark Busting Performance.
  • 100%
  • 4% - 8%
    Engagement rate
  • 18-27
    Time spent

Who Will Produce The Creative?

We got you covered all the way.
M-Canvas Creative Studio

We produce your creative for no charge.
Our in-house Creative Studio is staffed with a fearless team of copywriters, visualizers,
UI engineers, UX experts that bring years of mobile experience to the table.

All we need is your brief and we take over from there!

How Many Consumers Can A Brand Reach and Where?

Millions and only on A-List sites.
40 Million Urban Indians

How Can A Brand Measure Performance?

We'll overwhelm you with data.
  • Unique Reach
  • Viewable Impressions
  • Total Engagements
  • Billable Engagements
  • Engagement Rate
  • Accidental Engagements %
  • Initiator Close %
  • Average Time Spent (Impactor)
  • Completion Rate (Videos)
  • External Link Clicks
  • Form Fills
  • Downloads
  • Breakdown by OS,
    Location, and Devices
Continuous A/B testing of creatives is undertaken to understand what resonates more effectively with your audience.

How Does Pricing work?

An Engaged User is someone that spends at least 3 seconds on the
Impactor or starts interacting with the Impactor immediately.

What Brands Are Using M-Canvas?

Wish we could accommodate more here but honoring our Snackable theme...

How Do I Start Telling Stories To Consumers?

It's as easy as ABC.
Let's have a conversation
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