Affinity Raises SHIELD to Combat Fraudulent Traffic & Ensure Brand Safety

Affinity's in-house Forensics Lab has developed a comprehensive, real-time traffic quality and brand safety technology to protect advertisers' interests.

Chicago, IL, September 24, 2013: Affinity, the world's leading contextual ad network serving more than 60 billion ad impressions globally across its PPC and display ad networks each month, has launched SHIELD – a comprehensive, real-time traffic quality and brand safety technology to ward-off the evils of online advertising.

Fraudulent traffic poses a significant threat to the online advertising ecosystem. Several recent media reports have estimated that over the years the global digital advertising industry has lost $9.5 Billion to click-bots and other non-human traffic entities posing as legitimate web users and fraudulently clicking online ads. These reports further indicate that as high as 45% of online advertising is displayed to dubious visitors.

"Fraudulent traffic is bad for everyone in the online advertising ecosystem and is tarnishing the medium’s reputation of being effective and efficient," said Vishal Rupani, Director of Product Management at Affinity, under whose stewardship SHIELD has been developed. “With SHIELD, we intend to fight this menace with all we’ve got and make online advertising more secure,” he added.

SHIELD has been developed over the last 18 months by Affinity's in-house Forensics Lab employing a dedicated team of data analysts. This team leverages the size and scale of operations of Affinity by analyzing over 150 terabytes of data passing through Affinity’s servers each month. This helps them pin-point traffic anomalies to build safeguards by constantly analyzing, optimizing, and delivering advanced methodologies to ward-off suspicious traffic from hitting its networks.

In its current version, SHIELD features the following built-in safeguards:

  • Fraud Prevention
    SHIELD can identify and block fraudulent traffic sources like botnets, spiders, crawlers, known offenders, volume & spike anomalies, and many more in real-time. These filters are continuously upgraded to provide protection against the ever-evolving tricks of the fraudsters.
  • Brand Protection Firewall
    SHIELD’s real-time firewall can protect brands from being showcased alongside adult, racist, illegal, gambling, violent or any other content that might be considered offensive or inappropriate.
  • Prevention from Policy Violations
    SHIELD provides all-round protection for brands from being advertised on wrong setups, sources with trafficking issues or unusual ad rotation patterns, cached setups, and unapproved websites.
  • Custom Brand Protection
    Advertisers are given custom controls to further enhance their brands’ safety. They can:
    • Define custom content-exclusion categories and offensive filters
    • Blacklist IPs to which impressions should not be served

“We are extremely confident that SHIELD will ensure that our advertisers’ dollars are well protected by eliminating wasteful ad spending, and in the process help them achieve the ROI that their ad campaigns truly deserve,” said Lavin Punjabi, President & COO, Affinity.

There are more safeguards to be included within SHIELD in the near future that will further enhance its capabilities to protect the interests of web publishers and internet users. SHIELD is fortified in association with two independent online advertising and internet security experts - Adometry & Team Cymru.

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