Affinity Introduces A Fresher Approach To Contextual Advertising In India

Mumbai, Maharashtra, April 25, 2011: Affinity, the innovative technology player in the online advertising market, is expanding beyond its current business frontiers that are spread across North America and Western Europe. After operating there for nearly half a decade, they are now all set to enter the Indian online market space with a suite of next-generation contextual product offerings. These innovative products are expected to enhance and improvise the existing avenues for online advertising/monetization currently available to Advertisers/Publishers.

"We couldn't have asked for a better time to unveil our new line of contextual product offerings. A global forum like AdTech, which is being hosted in New Delhi for the first time ever, will serve as our launch pad to foray into the Indian online advertising arena" said Karan Gupta, the recently appointed MD of Affinity India. Having been associated with Digital Law & Kenneth prior to his current appointment, Gupta has handled brand duties for clientele that include Skoda, Renault, ITC Ltd., Aircel, Lodha Group, ICICI Bank, HCC Ltd, JP Morgan Asset, Force India F1 .

While describing Affinity's efforts in the Indian sphere, Gupta said "Affinity's 'fresher approach' is aimed at giving newer methodologies to enhance what Advertisers/Publishers set out to do - advertise and/or monetize in the Indian online space. Our overall efforts are driven towards finding that one 'sweet spot' in between that allows for brands and web properties to co-exist and maximize their profits from their interactions with each other."

Affinity will provide Advertisers with means to effectively boost their existing digital marketing strategies that encompass a myriad of marketing objectives - 'Brand to Performance', using contextual ad units that give their brand added visibility within contextually relevant spheres. Publishers, on the other hand, will be able to traverse the spectrum of 'Monetization to Retention' using revenue models and innovative ad units that increase user-interactivity while monetizing web inventory; thereby enhancing their overall page value.

John Lee, CEO Affinity said, "The backbone of Affinity has always been its 'fresher approach to contextual advertising'; and that will stay true of Affinity India as well."

About Affinity:
Founded in 2006, Affinity is a high-performance, contextual online advertising network which is a subsidiary of Hostway Corporation, a global leader in providing services over the internet, and one of the three largest independent hosting providers in the world. Affinity has been in the business of powering technology that finds the right context for over 75,000 brands across the globe to initiate talking points. These talking points culminate into traffic, leads, sales, downloads, conversions, engagement et al. depending on each brand's marketing objective.

Affinity's Ad Platform enables brands to contextually break-the-ice with their target audience by serving more than 30 Billion ad impressions each month. This is achieved through exclusive contextual ad distribution on Affinity's network of 25,000+ partner syndication channels & in-house web properties. These represent a potent mix of Search, Toolbars, In-Text, In-Image, Display, Domain Parking, and other contextual traffic channels from across North America, Western Europe, India, and South-East Asia & Australia. For more information, visit

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