Affinity provides advertisers with the broadest range of precision targeting capabilities to reach out their desired online audiences. You can utilize these capabilities individually or as a combination to precisely target web users with your brand message.
Our state-of-the-art proprietary targeting technologies help marketers boost the effectiveness and efficiency of their display advertising campaigns. The end result is exceptional advertising ROI.
Use Precision To Gain Prominence Utilize a gamut of targeting capabilities to Advertise Effectively
Contextual Targeting

Contextual Targeting

Affinity's SMART SEMANTICS technology continuously analyzes web content on individual webpages within the Affinity Publisher Network, and segments them into an exhaustive list (1000+) of pre-defined business categories. This information can be utilized to precisely target your ads to the most relevant web content. You can:

  • Target by categories that best describe your offering
  • Target by specifying keywords that are relevant to you. Multiple keyword match types are supported: Broad, Phrase, Exact, Negative, and Negative Exact
Audience Targeting

Audience Targeting

Audience or data-driven targeting is the new 'black'. Affinity's state-of-the-art IN-SIGHT technology is turning marketers into marksmen. It provides you with fresh audience insights to gain un-paralleled advertising ROI. You can now convert better by targeting your desired audience based on key insights such as their demographics, browsing behavior, category inclinations, and product preferences. They no longer require a lot of convincing. All they require is for you to reach out to them on the Affinity network. You can do this by:

  • Targeting Demographics
  • Targeting Behavior - Target audience based on their online behavior (interests & preferences)
  • Retargeting - Track down your lost visitors, bring them back, and convert them

You can utilize 1st & 3rd party data sets to target audiences.
Domain Targeting

Domain Targeting

Reach out to your target audience on websites that interest them. Simply cherry-pick websites from Affinity's Premium Publisher Network where you wish to run your ads, and that's exactly where they'll be showcased. Affinity gives you exclusive access the most innovative and prominent ad slots across some of the best web addresses across the globe. Advertising with Affinity is completely transparent.

Cross Device Targeting

Cross Device Targeting

The dynamism brought about by smart-phones and tablets is increasingly shifting the online content consumption pattern from desktops/laptops to mobile devices. Affinity lets advertisers enhance their advertising effectiveness and campaign ROI by enabling them to precisely target ad campaigns and tailor their marketing messages to audiences using specific devices, operating systems, and web browsers. This allows advertisers to:

  • Showcase ads on specific mobiles, smartphones, or tablets
  • Further target ads based on:
    • Operating Systems
    • Browsers
All the latest Devices, Operating Systems and Browser versions are supported.
Geographical Targeting

Geographical Targeting

Affinity's geographical targeting suite enables you to target online audiences in specific Countries with your brand message. You can choose to go local or go International. You can further fine-tune and drill down your messaging to specific States and even Cities.

Our Publishers

  • The Hindu
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  • Network18
  • India Today
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  • AOL
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  • Indian Express
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