mCanvas launches Interactive and Vertical Video Innovations for Brands

October 12, 2016, Mumbai: mCanvas, India’s first story telling platform on mobile, today launchedinteractive and vertical video ads on premium mobile websites. Vertical video ads enable brands to leverage the full mobile screen and improve completion rates. Studies indicate that 98% of the users who use the phone in vertical mode refrain from flipping their phone to horizontal mode to watch an ad.

The full screen video ads activate after users engage with mCanvas’ proprietary formats – Scroller and Sticker. User initiated ads are proven to deliver 82% higher brand lift than pre-roll video ads, as per a report published by Nielsen. The videos are designed to be lightweight and play instantly with little or no buffering. The ads adapt to fit across a myriad of mobile devices and are compatible across Android and iOS.

Speaking on the launch, Vishal Rupani, COO, mCanvas said, “By virtue of our product design, our platform delivers up to 57x higher attention to ads in an aesthetic manner thereby engaging the user. This makes it ideal for brands to launch their product or service to the digital natives.”

To make the brand story even more immersive, the video ads can be made interactive, where phone features and sensors can be integrated pre-mid-post video. For example, a user could shake or tap his phone to reveal a key part of the video, vibrate the phone when a car engine roars in the video, switch between multiple videos or pan the device to watch an immersive 360-degree video.Every video ad ends with a closing card which carries the brand’s closing message and relevant CTAs like add to calendar, outbound clicks to landing pages or app stores, click to call, amongst many others.

Speaking on the launch, Lavin Punjabi, CEO, mCanvas said, “We’re fully committed to helping brands tell better stories on mobile. Interactive and Vertical video is an important extension of our core vision. We’re not stopping here, you will see more interesting developments from us on this front as we merge the boundaries of rich media and video.”

mCanvas offers to convert current wide screen TV ads into mobile optimized vertical video ads at no additional cost.

A few examples of the various video innovations can be viewed here:


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