Affinity launches M-Canvas to spike engagement for brands

Affinity has unveiled a mobile ad unit called M-Canvas. The new ad unit provides a canvas for brands to create immersive story telling experiences to communicate with today's 'connected generation'.

M-Canvas consists of two elements – Initiator and Impactor. The 'Initiator' is a thumb-sized overlay, which appears at the bottom left corner of webpages. Engagement with the initiator brings up the Impactor, a full screen ad, which is designed to deliver a cohesive story telling experience. The initiator works as a prelude for a user to engage with a brand's message. The full screen Impactor can include a variety of short form content – trailers, intro videos, posters, coupons, games, microsites, store locators, social share functionality and various native mobile functions like making calls, sending texts and emails, downloading apps, add to calendars, reminders and more.

According to Lavin Punjabi, President of Affinity, advertisers in India still view mobile advertising as an afterthought instead of a strategic medium. Mobile banners are too small, ineffective, attract a lot of accidental taps, and mainly used for lead generation or direct response ads. We felt the need for creating a mobile ad unit that not only offers advertisers an immersive story-telling ad experience but also serves beautiful ads and earns higher CPMs for publishers in the mobile ecosystem.

“Managing both – branding and performance campaigns for advertisers and agencies, we gathered insights on challenges like banner blindness, creative size limitations, viewability and accidental taps, faced in mobile advertising and consequently designed M-Canvas. It's not just another ad unit, it's an ad experience. For brands and media buyers it's an end-to-end solution, which includes Ideation,Design, Ad Serving and Distribution on premium content websites,” said Mr. Punjabi.

M-Canvas' rich ad experiences can be accurately targeted to various audiences and content channels, also extending a guarantee of visibility in brand safe environments.

“Achieving ad engagement, content engagement and audience engagement together on a mobile device remains a holy grail for advertisers. This is the first time for any media solution provider to offer a combination of all three in a mobile ad unit in India. M-Canvas is designed to put consumers at the center of an ad experience and facilitate brand advocacy,” said Dharika Merchant, Senior Director of Advertiser Business Development at Affinity.

For content websites, M-Canvas adds a new revenue stream for publishers. It uses 20 per cent lesser real estate as compared to the smallest mobile banner.

Given that user experience is key, the built-in ad exposure functionality limits the number of times a user is exposed to initiators throughout the day. Additionally, yield is maximised by adaptive ad serving – where ads are delivered to individual users based on their interactions like engagement rates, close rates, and brand preferences.

At launch M-Canvas is available for India traffic only on mobile web.

(Published by Digital Market Asia on 24th March, 2015)

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