Affinity Forays Into Real-Time Bidding (RTB)

Affinity will now allow online media buyers across the globe to buy into its premium display inventory through Real Time Bidding (RTB).

Chicago, IL, 6th November 2013: Affinity, the world's leading provider of innovative online display advertising and monetization solutions today announced that its premium, above-the-fold display ad inventory served through its high-impact ad products like In-Footer, In-Margin, In-Text, and In-Page will now be available to the world of advertisers, trading desks, and DSPs through Appnexus (A leading Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Platform).

This announcement comes at a time when the Real Time Bidding (RTB) model of buying display ad inventory is slated to grow at a CAGR of 43.8 percent over the period 2012-2016 globally. This is fueled primarily by the need for higher (ad buying) efficiency and improved return on investments for advertisers and publishers alike. See industry report.

This development will enable online media buyers on Appnexus to buy into Affinity's premium and exclusive ad inventory consisting of innovative, above-the-fold ad units like In-Footer, In-Margin, In-Text, and In-Page running on top comScore websites. All inventory made available will be protected by SHIELD - Affinity’s state-of-the-art, real-time traffic quality and brand safety technology that mitigates all types of advertising fraud, provides a brand safe environment to advertise, and enhances campaign ROI.

"We're very excited to evolve our business model to now support programmatic buying and RTB. We see India as having significant nascent potential in adopting this model and we intend to do our bit in pushing RTB adoption amongst online advertisers in India. To this end, we will open up our premium India and APAC inventory to advertisers first and eventually scale it up to make our global premium inventory available as well," said Karan Gupta, Managing Director, Affinity.

Affinity believes that the benefits of RTB will also extend to its direct advertisers and publishers. Affinity's direct advertisers will now get access to almost 95% of the web’s display inventory through Google's ADX, Facebook’s FBX, Yahoo’s RMX, and many more. While its premium publishers will benefit by experiencing improved yields and price discoveries.

"We see this evolution (Affinity's ad units being RTB friendly) as adding huge value to all the stakeholders involved. We are making very clean, filtered and high-impact display inventory available to a world of advertisers outside our network, and at the same time benefitting our long-standing direct advertisers and publishers through scale and efficiencies brought about by RTB," said Lavin Punjabi, President & COO, Affinity.

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