Affinity's PPC Ad Network Launches Device Targeting Capabilities

Advertisers can target ads to specific Mobile Devices, Operating Systems and Web Browsers.

Chicago, IL, April 22, 2013: Affinity, the world’s leading contextual ad network, today announced the introduction of advanced device targeting capabilities for its PPC ad platform. This release comes about in view of the dynamism brought about by Smart Phones and Tablets in increasingly shifting the online content consumption pattern from desktops/laptops to mobile devices. This trend has led to Advertisers demanding features that let them target ad campaigns to modern Mobile Devices, Operating Systems and Web Browsers, thereby allowing them to enhance advertising effectiveness and campaign ROI.

Affinity’s advertisers have so far been able to target their messaging based on Keyword, Business Category and Geographical (Country-State-City Level) targeting capabilities. In addition to the above, advertisers will now be able go a step further and tailor their messages for audiences who use specific mobile devices like iPads, iPhones, Android devices etc.

Additionally, Advertisers will be able to drill-down further and target their ads to specific Operating Systems and Web Browsers within these devices. All the latest Device, OS, and Browser versions are supported.

"We are on a mission to deliver value to our advertisers who want to reach qualified web users and maximize their campaign ROI. Our Advertisers can now setup campaigns that specifically target desktop or tablet or mobile devices. This gives advertisers greater flexibility in controlling budgets and bids for ad campaigns targeted at these specific devices. Inversely, this will also help our advertisers cut wasteful ad spending on channels that are not relevant to them." said Lavin Punjabi, President & COO at Affinity.

Here are a few examples of how Advertisers can use this new feature to their advantage:

  • Using Device Targeting Alone - An iPad app creator can promote an app only on specific iPad devices supporting the intended ios version.
  • Using Geo + Device Targeting - A New York luxury store owner can target high-end mobile phone users in his location with tailored messages to increase foot-falls to his store
  • Using Business Category + Geo + Device Targeting – A car dealership in San Francisco can target Android users in its location who visit certain auto websites
  • An advertiser can even exclude mobile traffic altogether from his web targeted campaigns, because his lead forms or shopping cart may not support mobile devices

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