Affinity Launches Proprietary Traffic Scoring Mechanism for its Global Pay-Per-Click Network

Traffic Scoring to be based upon Conversion Rates for Affinity’s Global Advertiser Base.

Chicago, Illinois, April 02, 2012: Affinity, the world’s leading contextual advertising network, will now score all its Publishers’ traffic sources based on conversion rates achieved for direct advertisers. The ad network is confident that this initiative will ensure a steady-stream of high-quality traffic on its global network. The Traffic Scoring feedback in the form of a Traffic Score of 1-10 (1 being the lowest & 10 being the highest) will be shared with the respective Publishers on the Affinity Network every week.

Affinity tested a variety of traffic sources over the last quarter via the new scoring mechanism and garnered improved eCPMs for its Publishers by correctly segmenting and valuing all the clicks across different quality buckets. As a result, Advertisers went on to increase spends over the course of the quarter owing to greater clarity in identifying & understanding the high converting traffic sources within the network.

The new TQ mechanism helps Publishers suspend low quality sources and improve the health of the overall account. This becomes an important advantage for Publishers on the Affinity Pay-Per-Click Network.

"An Ad Network cannot afford to compromise on traffic quality. The onus for maintaining high traffic quality standards is not the sole responsibility of a Publisher alone. We intend to pro-actively team-up with our Publishers by extending our professional support. Through our Weekly Traffic Feedback Reports, we will list out actionable insights to help our Publishers maintain high traffic quality standards at all times." said Anand Nanivadekar, Director, Business Development, Affinity.

Affinity will score Publisher traffic on the basis of real conversions such as sales, form fills, etc. for PPC campaigns running on its Global PPC Network. This network boasts of a strong Direct Advertiser base comprising of global brands like Groupon, Citibank, Emirates, Expedia, Lenovo, Unilever and many more running regular PPC campaigns on the network.

Lavin Punjabi, President & COO, Affinity further adds "Very few ad networks today provide transparency on Publisher Traffic Quality. The reason, more often than not, for not being able to provide the level of transparency required is because they do not work with Direct Advertisers. We do. And we intend to provide timely and structured traffic ratings that help our Publishers know if their traffic is working for our Advertisers or not. It makes things a lot more simple, transparent and beneficial for all stakeholders (Advertisers, Publishers & The Network)."

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