Affinity's Initiator Ad Platform Records Exceptional Performance

Clocks record-breaking CTRs for campaigns running on the In-Footer Ad Product

Mumbai, India, (30th August, 2011): Affinity, India's only innovative contextual advertising network is proud to announce that its Initiator Ad Platform is displaying outstanding results for campaigns running on the network. These results have been achieved after carrying out test campaigns for some of India's most formidable online advertisers and publishers.

Affinity's flagship contextual ad product - In-Footer, has been clocking CTRs at around the 1% mark, and on more than a few occasions, even recorded CTRs as high as 2% (the industry average ranging from 0.15%-0.3%). This has more than just pleased both Advertisers & Publishers on the Affinity platform. Affinity and its clientele attribute this phenomenal performance to a mix of well crafted creative communication, extremely visitor worthy web properties, and most of all, Affinity's innovative product offering featuring its proprietary contextual targeting technology that delivers the most contextually relevant ads at the most innovative ad spots.

"When Affinity decided to foray into India, we had to offer a Platform that could comprehend the intrinsic needs of the Indian market. The Initiator Platform aims to ‘break the mould' and go beyond the current-day norms of advertising/monetization in the Indian online market space. It provides Advertisers and Publishers with fresher avenues to advertise and monetize respectively", said Karan Gupta, MD, Affinity India.

Affinity's Initiator Platform provides Publishers with a chance to discover unexplored avenues for monetization within their existing web content. "In the past, some Publishers have shied away from implementing Rich Media ad formats, stating that they are a hassle to implement. They have also conceded that there is only a finite and limited space on their web properties to monetize. Affinity's Initiator Platform, is enabling Publishers to change this mindset. Publishers can now monetize their Text Content, Images, Webpage Footers, Web Apps, Games, Toolbars etc. And do all of this without being hassled by complex technicalities involved in the back-end", says Gupta. The Initiator Platform places focus on the ‘contextual relevance', thereby engaging the user and increasing interactivity with the monetization products - In-Image, In-Text, In-Page, In-Footer and In-Pro.

"Our goal is to change the way online Advertising/Monetization have been approached until now in India; and so far, the response that we've received from Advertisers & Publishers alike has been tremendous. We hope to continue on this good run.", says Lavin Punjabi, VP of Business Development & Strategy at Affinity.

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About Affinity:
Founded in 2006, Affinity is a high-performance, contextual online advertising and a subsidiary of Hostway Corporation, a global leader in providing services over the internet, and one of the three largest independent hosting providers in the world.

Affinity is in the business of powering technology that finds the right context for over 75,000 brands across the globe to initiate ‘talking points'.

These ‘talking points' culminate into traffic, leads, sales, downloads, conversions, engagement et al. depending on each brand's marketing objective.

Affinity's Platform enables brands to contextually break-the-ice with their target audience by serving more than 30 Billion ad impressions each month. This is achieved through exclusive contextual ad distribution on Affinity's network of 25,000+ partner syndication channels & in-house web properties. These represent a potent mix of Search, Toolbars, In-Text, In-Image, Display, Domain Parking, and other contextual traffic channels from across North America, Western Europe, India, South-East Asia & Australia. For more information, visit

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