CREATIVE Creative Strategy - Specialist (Mumbai)

Affinity's subsidiary, a mobile story telling ad platform, is looking for an experienced Creative Strategy specialist for its Mumbai office.

Unlike standard mobile advertising solutions, we empower brands to tell more effective brand stories by etching mobile sensors (motion, touch, location, accelerometer, etc.) and features (camera, microphone, calendar, contacts, etc.) in to the ad creative. The Creative Strategy specialist will apply such cutting edge technology solutions to bring innovative and award winning ideas to Affinity’s clients. (visit:

The primary responsibility of this position is to create strong conceptual and strategy-based advertising across mobile media for Affinity’s clients. The role leads the creative studio culturally and is responsible for the quality of the creative product and output.


  • Conceive, develop and produce effective mobile advertising campaigns.
  • Create engaging concepts and mesmerizing designs to achieve the highest level of connect with the clients’ target groups.
  • Oversee campaigns from production to completion.
  • Recruit, lead and manage the design team; schedule and prioritize their queues.
  • Ensure that the working processes (planning, documentation, etc) are run efficiently.
  • Brainstorm visual and copy ideas with other members of the creative team.
  • Work with designers, copywriters, and developers to determine concept feasibility.
  • Pitch ideas to clients by clearly articulating benefits of the team’s creative concepts.
  • Give thoughtful, professional, and direct communication to team members; in particular, give focused, substantive feedback to the creative team and their work.
  • Follow the latest trends in design, advertising and marketing. 

Required Skills

  • 1.5 to 3years of experience in an agency environment.
  • Strong grasp of the digital landscape, especially its parameters and design possibilities.
  • Knowledge of web technologies, devices, device sensors and key digital principles.
  • Experience coordinating a team of designers, copywriters and web developers.
  • A solid command of the English language (grammar, spelling and vocabulary).

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About mCanvas
mCanvas is an ecosystem of sensory mobile ads that helps brands emotionally connect with their audiences. Every ad is made memorable by integrating phone sensors and device features into the brand narrative. mCanvas is creating 'wow'moments everyday by reinventing formats, building tools and providing a marketplace to run these ads at scale. For more details and clientele, visit

About Affinity
Founded in 2006, Affinity is an independent advertising technology company specializing in creating brand and performance led advertising products. It owns and operates 3 unique advertising products – mCanvas, SitePlug and Display SSP. For more info, please visit