SHIELD - Zero Compromise On Traffic Quality & Brand Safety
SHIELD is the industry's most comprehensive, real-time traffic quality & brand safety armor that protects your advertising dollars from falling prey to the evils of the internet. It has been built over the years by Affinity's in-house Forensics Lab consisting of a dedicated team of data analysts who leverage Affinity's large network footprint of delivering more than 60 billion ad impressions, and in the process, analyze over 150 terabytes of data each month to pin-point traffic anomalies and build safeguards against them.

The mantra of Affinity's Forensics Lab is to constantly analyze, optimize, and deliver advanced methodologies to ward-off the scum of the internet. Recent developments in big-data technologies have helped our filters further evolve to provide all-round protection in real-time.

The end result is a system that maximizes advertising ROI by avoiding wasted impressions, and ensures that your brand is being showcased right where it should be. In doing so, it also ensures a safe operating environment for internet users, and web publishers on the internet. SHIELD is fortified in association with two independent online advertising and internet security experts - Adometry & Team Cymru. It features a wide variety of built-in safeguards such as:
Benefits To Advertisers
  • Eliminates wasteful ad spending
  • Eliminates all types of ad fraud
  • Provides a brand safe environment
  • Provided free-of-cost as standard offering
  • Maximizes campaign ROI
  • Continuously evolves to provide all-round protection in real-time
Benefits To Advertisers


SHIELD monitors and processes billions of impressions and millions of clicks each month to identify and block fraudulent traffic sources like botnets, spiders, crawlers, known offenders, volume & spike anomalies, and many more. These filters are continuously upgraded to provide protection against the ever evolving tricks of the fraudsters. Furthermore, the invaluable feedback from our large base of direct advertisers also helps us eliminate and blacklist dubious traffic sources from our network. More importantly, we are able to identify trends from such feedback. This helps us take pre-emptive steps to block the same dubious traffic from coming through a different source.


SHIELD's state-of-the-art, real-time brand protection firewall prevents brands from being showcased alongside adult, racist, illegal, gambling, or violent content. It also continuously identifies and shields brands from being associated with a plethora of other offensive and inappropriate content continuously cropping up across the online advertising ecosystem.


SHIELD ensures strict adherence to well-established policies of what makes for good advertising on the internet. It can discern between what is good and what is downright evil. This ensures complete all-round protection from being advertised on wrong site setups, sources with trafficking issues or unusual ad rotation patterns, cached setups, and unapproved websites.


If you wish to further enhance your brand's safety, make it more airtight, and leave no loose ends, SHIELD allows you to:
  • Define custom exclusion categories & offensive filters
  • Blacklist IPs to which impressions should not be served

Our Publishers

  • The Hindu
  • Reliance Netconnect
  • IBNLive
  • Indiatimes
  • Sify
  • Deccan Chronicle
  • FOG
  • Network18
  • India Today
  • Miniclip
  • AOL
  • Hindustan Times
  • IDG
  • Mail Online
  • MSN
  • NDTV
  • Indian Express
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