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About Us

Founded in 2006, is the world's leading contextual ad network. We build innovative contextual advertising, media, and monetization solutions for Advertisers & Publishers.

Our advertising, media, and monetization solutions are delivered via's Global Pay-Per-Click (PPC) & Display Advertising Networks. Both these networks help 100,000+ Advertisers reach out to their target audience by delivering over 50 Billion ad impressions each month.

This is achieved through exclusive contextual ad distribution via's network of 50,000+ Premium Publishers, and Syndication Channels from across North America, Western Europe, Middle East, India, South-East Asia & Australia. Quick facts
  • 150+ strong team with a passion to constantly evolve online advertising and monetization
  • Operate Global Pay-Per-Click (PPC) & Display Advertising Networks
  • 100,000+ Active Advertisers
  • Over 50,000+ Premium Publishers
  • Rich global experience in running high-performance Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Cost-Per-Lead (CPL), Cost-Per-Action (CPA), and Cost-Per-Mile (CPM) Display Advertising Campaigns
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