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Explore opportunities beyond boundaries

Careers for Life

We at Affinity offer a great combination of growth prospects, continuous learning, fair play and best work culture.

This is a place you will want to come back to each morning for the rest of your life with a sense of achievement and happiness of job satisfaction. Indeed it will be a smart career move you will ever make because at Affinity, careers are for life.

Benefits & Growth Prospects

Affinity offers a lifelong opportunity to explore your potential to train, to learn and to work with the fastest growing ad technologies and the finest minds in the industry.

Our responsibility towards new employees does not stop at salaries and compensation, we offer all the possible help for bringing comfort in your professional life. From flexible working hours to free pick and drop facility, from Sodexo's to in-house canteen with free snacks and refreshment facilities and much more.

Best Work-Life Balance

Affinity understands the value of work life balance. The open minded approach to all our endeavors brings out the best in you while making work both fun and fulfilling.

  • Pride of being an Affinite
  • The opportunity of being at the forefront of fastest growing ad technologies
  • Freedom to initiate goals and reap the benefits
  • Global exposure while working with biggest internet industry players
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